Thursday, July 26, 2007

Triglycerides levels and fat

I was having a discussion with another doc about his having to take Tricor to reduce his triglyceride level. When asking him about his diet, he said that he's been doing a low fat diet, working out 3-4 days a week and his dad and brother had the same problem. He just assumed it was "poor genetics".

Here is my response:

Well, maybe....We all tend to think that the cholesterol thing requires a "low fat" solution. Not necessarily, in my view. First, there are different types o fats and most are REQUIRED by the body. While I don't totally agree with Atkins, I do think that simple carbs are more destructive than fats are. Remember, only 25% of cholesterol comes from the diet.

Yes, genetics give you a running start at this problem (me too!). But something tells me that there might be something in the diet that is not "clicking". Of course, I'm not the dietician or the biochemist but I'm also not a fan of artificially lowering cholesterol- just hits me wrong....
I just reviewed a website and found this:

Contrary to popular belief, a low fat diet is NOT the solution to lowering high triglycerides levels. The researchers Van Horn and Lichtenstein extensively reviewed the low-fat approach a few years ago. Their research suggests that a low-fat diet will produce a result opposite to the desired effect: triglyceride levels will actually increase.

This phenomenon is not surprising if one considers that insulin resistance may be one of the driving factors behind elevated triglyceride levels. In fact, insulin resistance may be the cause of many of the problems observed in high-triglyceride states. Fortunately, elevated triglycerides is one of the easiest problems to correct with the appropriate diet. Simple restriction of all sugars and grains.Sugars and grains and require insulin secretion, which is a potent stimulus to the liver to produce triglycerides, and sugars and grains must be reduced if you are looking to lower your triglycerides.

Again, I can relate- my triglycerides were out of sight as well but I reduced them by cutting out (down) sugars significantly. WORKED! and hasn't been a problem since!!!


Ellen said...

You are certainly one of the "good health" poster boys on the Biosyntrx scientific advisory board, so I hope our readers will pay attention to your personal experience with elevated triglycerides.

wisegrl said...

It all goes back to remembering that the best "diet" is the Mediterranean diet. Eat what is in season (that means no strawberries in December), plenty if fish and seafood, leafy veggies and olive oil goes with almost anything.

BTW, last time I was in Italy I was never served what Americnas have taken to calling Italian butter (meaning olive oil). Italians eat their bread straight, no olive oil or butter. European butter is so much better and tastier than American butter...and, the whole region of Tuscany does not use salt in their bread. This custom dates back to the time when Venetians ruled the Mediterranian and taxed salt; so they simply decide to do without. How's that for a concept?!?! If you can't have it, just do without! OH! that means no strawberries, grapes or peaches in December. Can we handle that as culter? I think not! We need to relearn how to eat what is available seasonally.