Monday, August 13, 2007

New Jersey Democrats, Creatine & Minors

The President of the New Jersey legislature, Sen, Richard Codey, introduced legislation (SB 1951) that would restrict the sale, distribution and possession of creatine to individuals under the age of 18. It's unclear whether the legislation will move forward or not, so far, no companion legislation has been introduced; however, the New Jersey senate and house both have democratic majorities, the governor is a democrat, the bill was introduced by the Senate President (democrat) and the Democratic Majority Whip is the chair of the committee of jurisdiction.

It would seem this bill has a good chance of passing unless the public becomes better educated about these three issues:

Steroids are dangerous.

Supplements are NOT steroids.

Supplements have real benefits for athletes

Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid (protein building block) found mainly in muscles. About half of our bodies creatine is ingested through the foods we eat and the other half is made in the liver, kidney, and pancreas.

I can only assume that Senator Codey's major concern with young people is that some people insist on spreading the word that habitual use of creatine might possibly prevent young bodies from producing their own creatine, although I could find NO supporting science for this assumption.

As far as the iron-pumping gym rats who load up on too much creatine and any thing else they can get their hands on to look big and buff in their own mirrors; hate to tell you this guys-it's water weight, not strength, for the most part.

Nevertheless, a peer-reviewed study published in this months Journal of Strength Conditioning Research suggests that carbohydrate-protein (creatine) beverages consumed during the ride significantly prolonged endurance and prevented postexercise muscle damage in both male and female cyclists.

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Steve said...

A huge body of research demonstrates that creatine is safe and effective for managing a wide range of pathologies, and may be a powerful anti-aging nutrients.

Creatine helps support the healthy functioning of muscle, brain, and other body tissues.

It's used all the time in rehabilitative strength training because it helps prevent the steady loss of lean body mass (muscle) needed to maintain a healthy, functional lifestyle. The medical term for this loss of muscle tissue is sarcopenia.